Raised a true Minnesotan, I spent my childhood taking pictures of sunfish and Northern Pike at the cabin. I remember running around with a disposable camera tucked in a neon green fanny pack for the majority of my elementary and middle school years. Pictures have always moved me in the same way that they move others; how many times have you watched someone flip through photos and heard “oh, look at this one!” followed by laughter, or maybe tears. The fact that an image produces a strong emotion is enough for me to capture those emotions for others. So, peruse and enjoy; thank you for visiting Kye Samuelson Photography.


Largemouth Bass from Little Rice Lake — Coffee  — Fresh Mozzarella — Yogurt — Blackberries from the yard – Peanut Butter from Hell’s Kitchen (although my regular quantities give me a gut ache)
F a c e b o o k