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Seebinger Family

More fall pictures to warm up the beginning of 2015! Welcome back the Seebingers. It was fun to see a few of these pics on their Christmas card this year. As always – hope to see you guys again soon.

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Merry Christmas Kimball Family

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving – we had a great day with family and friends….and of course, ate a ton.  Today = decorating, big time –  I also stumbled across these pictures that I took last year of our good friends, the Kimball family. I figured that a ‘Christmas-y’ post was timely! Enjoy!!

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The Norine Family

Well, now that winter has come a month early, I figured everyone deserved a little taste of last summer, you know, to keep everyone’s spirits up:)  Norine family, back for round 2:)  We had a great shoot down at a Minneapolis park…beautiful, 80 degree morning.  Who wouldn’t take one of those right about now…enjoy!

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Isder family – Newborn shoot

Henry is here! Meet the Isder’s new addition (and I don’t mean the master bathroom that Nate built with his bare hands; he’s such a man…..)  Gracie has a baby brother, Nate and Dana have an awesome pair of kiddos to round out a nice little family…maybe they’ll have some more, but for now let’s focus on Henry:)

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Happy 1st Birthday Hans!

It’s always so fun to watch a family grow; back for another round with the Corcoran family.  We scored the first warm spring weekend of the year for some fun family photos in a nature preserve on the north side of town, and topped off the day with a backyard birthday party for Hans.  Bubble machines are officially the best toy for 2014 (even though they were invented in the 1920’s:) Hope everyone’s summer is going well!

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