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Senior Pictures – Erik

No better time than summer for senior photos!  Meet Erik Sneltjes, Mumford n’ Sons fan and total athlete.  We met a few weekends ago for a shoot and barely beat a huge summer storm.  It was awesome.  Congrats on your graduation, Erik!

Allie – Senior Photos

Meet Allie!  She’s knocking down her senior year, and taking names…:) When we met for the shoot, I asked her, “how’s school going? what classes are you taking?”  expecting a fairly normal response.  She proceeded to list off about a dozen AP classes, all of which I’m sure she’ll pass with ease.  Smarts, arts and sports, Allie is truly a force.  Congrats on your senior year, Allie!

Emma and Oscar – Senior Photos

I had so much fun with these guys!  I met Emma and Oscar downtown Minneapolis for some senior pictures, super-fun and really relaxed.  Oscar is a rock musician (dude after my own heart) and Emma is a total athlete.   We talked about future plans for school, music, sports, all the good stuff.  They’re a cool couple and it was great to capture such an important year for them.



12th grade, done.  College?  Yes please.  Marquette? Yup.  Pumped?  Super pumped.

Daelin is wrapping up her final few weeks at Chaska High School.  After a solid college hunt, she landed on Marquette, and heads east this fall to begin her first year.  As far as mascots go, she’ll soon be transitioning from Hawks to Golden Eagles; she’s got an interesting ‘birds of prey’ theme goin’… “To Daelin: May your freshman year be the best one yet, and the following three be better than that!”

Oh, The Sweet “Beat”

We love our dog. Part of the fam, plain and simple.   My wife (due with our first child in July) and I often joke that Bea is going to make a great big sister. She is so gentle and curious with our friend’s children that we can’t wait to see her in action with our little munchkin.  Knowing that our months as ‘just the 3 of us’ will soon be coming to an end, we thought it would be fun to take a few quick pics of just Bea (aka ‘The Beat’). Enjoy!

F a c e b o o k