The Corcoran Family – Baby #2

Back for another round with the Corcorans and this time with Hans William! He is the perfect addition to the Corcoran family.  Pat and Susan certainly have their hands full – but at least their oldest, Hakan, can mow the yard (and gas up the tank!).  These guys are so great.  What fun to watch a family grow!

Jeff, Lindsay & Christopher – 6 months

Back for round 2 with Lindsay, Jeff and their son, Christopher, for a six month shoot! Pretty resilient little guy; the kid had a fever when I showed up, but he was still a happy camper and up for taking some pictures. Lindsay and Jeff are such great parents; Christoper is a lucky guy.  Seems like yesterday that we were doing a newborn shoot; they grow up so fast!

Jessica and Dan


Go figure that Jess & Dan and I plan an engagement shoot for the last 10-degree day of winter:)  We met up in downtown St Paul for a cup of coffee (well, Dan’s an earl grey tea guy) and walked around with their dog, Finley, and then headed to an old transportation yard full of vintage buses.  These guys are so awesome.  Small world too, because we discovered that I went to day care and did cabin trips with her close friend; reportedly, I was a little mischievous back then. Doubtful:)

Jess and Dan are getting married this September and I can’t wait for this one.  Super-cool Chicago/Minnesota themes on a Minneapolis backdrop; these two are locked and ready!  Congratulations, you guys!


Amanda, Kevin and Oliver

Almost coming up on the six-month-mark with this little guy!  Meet Oliver, newest addition for Amanda and Kevin Erickson.  We met last October at their house to just hangout in Ollie’s new nursery:)  I’m sure he’s settling in quite well now.  Wishing you guys all the very best and I’m sure you’re already saying ‘they grow up fast’.  Hope you enjoy every moment:)



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