Justin and Rachel – Wedding

Who would love to go to a wedding in Arizona right about now?  Answer = Me.    Rachel and Justin got married at sunset in Scottsdale last November; talk about perfect.  This wedding was so much fun.  Rachel is a total go-getter and Justin is the exact same.  They’re a perfect match; they love the outdoors, and they are heavy-duty rock climbers. It was a beautiful wedding, full of laughter and awesome speeches.  To Rachel and Justin!

Casey and Adam

Here’s a baby that I can’t wait to meet!  Meet the Poochies, Adam, Casey and their great dog Wilson.  I met Adam in 9th grade; he and I have been in an ongoing ping pong competition for the last 13 years (and I’m losing, big time).  I have also known Casey for a long time too; she and my wife met in their first job out of college.  They’re both goofy and smart and wonderfully fun, and I’m so pumped to meet their little nugget!


Gracie is one!

Year one = check.  Teeth = yep.  Walking = totally.  Basic bumbling baby vocabulary = so cute.  Reintroducing Gracie – Nate and Dana’s finest. We met at their house after the first big snowfall to make sure that Grace jumped on the opportunity for her first sled ride.  Molli, their dog, couldn’t care less about capturing some family memories; all she wants to do is play ball, and that’s exactly why I love Molli…and the Isders, of course.

Setley Family

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kye Samuelson Photography is proud to present the cutest family on the north side of the Twin Cities…meet the Setleys!  We headed to White Bear Lake on the last warm day of summer.  Kate (mom) is a professional persuader, carefully using the promise of ice cream cones to promote good behavior…I’m sure it’s not her only parenting tactic :), but she’s definitely got it dialed in. These guys are so fun.  I hope this shoot warms us all up a little bit in the middle January…




Christie, Jordan and Hazel – Newborn

Hazel Mae… a beautiful little creation by the Fitch Baby Manufacturing Company…:).  Christie and Jordan welcomed Hazel into the world just a few short weeks ago at the Minnesota Birth Center in Minneapolis.  Hazel’s got a cozy little nursery nook in Uptown, and two wonderful parents to show her the ropes, introduce her to the finest restaurants on Hennepin Ave, and take her swimming in Lake Calhoun (well, in due time, of course…).  Welcome, Hazel!  And congratulations, Christie and Jordan.  You guys are awesome.

F a c e b o o k