Allie – Senior Photos

Meet Allie!  She’s knocking down her senior year, and taking names…:) When we met for the shoot, I asked her, “how’s school going? what classes are you taking?”  expecting a fairly normal response.  She proceeded to list off about a dozen AP classes, all of which I’m sure she’ll pass with ease.  Smarts, arts and sports, Allie is truly a force.  Congrats on your senior year, Allie!

Angeline & Roger

World, meet the coolest couple to get married on October 6th, 2012.  I’ve been waiting for this post for a year now; I metAnge last October in Minneapolis to start talking about her wedding, and I can’t believe that the year has come and gone, and the wedding has happened.  These two were incredible on their big day; I had so much fun watching them enjoy a million moments.  Their family is amazing; so many unique and deep relationships that a camera can’t even capture.  Regardless, the pictures are what remain of an absolutely incredible wedding in an antique shop in northeast Minneapolis.  Congrats Angeline and Roger.

Puncochar Family

I hope this fall post warms you up a bit, now that the cold is sinking in.  Meet the Puncochar Family.  In case you’re having trouble pronouncing that last name, just take advice from Sue, the mother and wife of the fam, She explains, “it’s pronounced ‘punch-a-car’, you know, like, ‘kick-a-truck’!”  If that doesn’t explain how cool this family is, I’m not sure what else can, aside from these energetic boys below…

Pat, Susan and Hakan

Back for another round with the Corcoran family!  Hakan is growing like a champ and so fun to shoot.  We met in White Bear Lake to soak up the last warm Sunday afternoon.  The leaves were incredible.  Thanks again, Pat and Susan!  I always have so much fun hanging with you guys!  Enjoy!



Kallie and Brad

Here’s a couple that’s close to my heart, let me introduce them…first, meet Kallie, my sister.  I came home from a photography workshop this summer to see her standing in our driveway, waiting for me with a ring on her finger.  Brad is Kallie’s fiance and will be an awesome future addition to our family.  I can’t really do the whole big brother, like “take care of my sister or I’ll beat you up” thing…they both work in law enforcement and could take me down any time they wish..:) .  They got engaged on Bald Eagle Lake; Brad totally nailed it with a love note in a bottle, floating in the middle of the lake…Awesome!

F a c e b o o k